Aloha Divine Soul,

 Welcome to this Blue Love Sacred Portal.

My name is Haumea.

This name means the One who vibrates the Primordial Sound and pour it into the World to awaken the Remembrance.

I have a Mystical Heart and the Soul of a Seeker. 

As far as I remember, i have always felt the deep longing for Truth, 

The longing for God, The longing to merge with the Absolute …

I am devoted to Love, Truth, Beauty, Gaia, Source: God – The Goddess, 

Devoted to be, as much as I can, in my human form, the Living Transmission of the Sacred Way of the Water,

Water, the Oceans, The Rivers are, to me, Divine Mother’s Consciousness materialized in a Liquid Crystalline Essence where Pur Love 

can be accessed and felt deeply. The Womb of The Mother, 

The Womb of Life, The Womb of Sacred Wisdom.

The Waters of Goddess Gaia are the Purest Crystalline Energy we can find on Earth, 

A quantum portal to the Cosmos and a so deep mirror.

I am deeply honored to share with you my mystical connection with The Goddess,

With the Magical Divine Realms of the Oceans and

with our Blue Family. Those Majestic Oceanic Beings are The Guardians of the Codes, 

holding and vibrating the Frequencies of Truth, Beauty, Depth, Purity, Integrity, Peace, Wisdom, 

Innocence, and Soul much more…

With them I remember, everyday . . . We are The Ocean. We are Infinite Love and Infinitely Loved, Guided and Protected,

We are the Stellar Waters. The Waters that came from the skies.

We hold all the Wisdom of the Cosmos in our Inner Waters, DNA and cells.

Most of us have just forgotten how to access it.

Our Oceanic and Angelic Cosmic Allies are calling Humanity to merge into the depth, 

to (re)activate all the infinite Universal Wisdom within,

to remember our True Essence and Origin.

For Goddess Gaïa and for Life to thrive in Divine Grace and Abundance..

May you remember why you are here.

May you remember WHAT YOU TRULLY ARE.

May all Humans awaken to the Preciousness and the Sacredness of the Blue, the Sacredness of Life.

Let’s dive together in the Purity of our hearts and co-create the new Love Foundations of Life. on our Majestic Planet,

Living in Harmony, with Grace, Purpose, and deep reverence to all Creation.

Since a few years, I have been guided to travel the World to anchor Light Codes in specific locations on the planet, 

to create Ceremonies, to activate portals, and to Bless the Sacred Waters.

I learned along the way the power of Blessings and Prayers. 

How strongly they are needed and how immensely they impact the Waters, and our Inner Waters, Nature, and Humanity.

This Virtual Sanctuary is an honor to The Sacred Waters, The Ocean and all the Underwater and Cosmic Family.

One Consciouness, One Blue Family spreading the Divine Codes and Frequencies of Light and Love.

Amplifying together.

After more then a decade working with Energy, Shamanism and the Sacred Wisdom of Yoga, the Whales came into my dreams 

to call me and it changed my life. I have been swimming with them all over the world.

In the Ocean, I received and keep receiving Codes, Initiations, Activations, Guidance. I melt in Ecstasy and in Source Love.

I have been divinely inspired to create the Stellar Universities,

to share the Wisdom I had the honor to receive, reconnect with and embody throughout this Lifetime and beyond.


Our mission is mainly the Activation of the Divine Genome and the Crystallin DNA, to strengthen Human’s Connection with Source:

God – The Goddess, Great Spirit, to unlock the infinite Divine Potentials of the New Human

who remembers and embodies his / her Divinity, his / her Crystalline Essence .


I have been, more then ever, deeply inspired to guide, support, and teach women to embody more profoundly,
truthfully The Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness..

I have birthed many Curriculums and Ceremonies to share Light Codes Activations, to Bless and encode our Inner Waters with

Love and Light Source Frequencies, clearing, dissolving, transmuting distortion, disharmony, stagnant energy, patterns, old memories,
trauma, viral programming… So the waters can flow and return to the Divine Grace and Beauty of Origin, the Purity of Source.


When your field and your waters vibrate the Purity of your Origin, your unique frequencies, all is in balance, you are like
an ever-flowing river, a Source of Love pouring your Divine Essence, Beauty and Melody into the World.


I am glad to share with you, with the World, what I have been receiving, feeling, discovering in the depths.

Water teaches us so much if we are ready to listen, to tune in with reverence and feel deeply.

In the Blue, I find my strength, my inspiration, Wisdom and the Vastness of True Love.


With all my whale spirit and sensitivity, I wish us to connect deeply, and to find our way to keep our heart pure and open to love, grace

and to the sacred, precious and mystical communication possible from this openness.


I feel inspired to share with you some music from artists who use their voices to spread the Blue Love.

May it inspire your heart.

Take a moment to breath in Unity with me, and receive my Infinite Blessings.

All my gratitude to all Humans who love the Ocean, the Waters, and Goddess Gaia as much as I do.

May we all rise in devotion, together as One for Love, Truth and Harmony.

Mahalo Nui Loa


I AM the Stellar Waters.
I AM the Waters that came from the Skies.
I AM the Waters of the Goddess.
I AM Love.
My Love Is Blue

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