Messages of the Whales and Water Consciousness

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You are a pillar of Light and Harmony in the World.

Keep your inner and outer strengh by connecting to your divine heart everyday. Stay Strong in your center, anchored in Unity Consciousness, Innocence and Purity.

Pour Love into the World by cultivating compassion and equanimity.

You, the holders of light, must unite. You need each other to amplify and maintain the balance of the Planet.

In the middle of the chaos, you are the lighthouse that shows the way. You are the embodiement of Beauty, Wisdom, kindness, courage, freedom. You are Cosmic Stardust, pure Love, pure Light, shaped into a human form. You are Sacred. Honor your Sacredness.

Do not tolerate situations that devitalise you. Choose Consciously. Live Gracefully an harmonious Life. Raise your frequency. Take care of your mind, body and soul everyday.

Stay grounded in Truth, in your Truth and authentic Self. Shine You.

Do not let any outer influences shape your ideas, decisions, actions. Tune into your inner guidance and you will unveil the deepest mysteries of Life.

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