The Keepers of Inner Peace

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The Keepers of inner Peace 💎🐢💎

Those magnificent beings have been teaching me so much in the deep blue waters.

More than teachings, I have been living a profound Initiation with my underwater Soul Family.

Every moment I spend in the Ocean is a bliss beyond words,

It is returning home.

Home of the Soul where true nourishment happens instantly.

My Heart and Being filled with the Oceanic Delights of reuniting to my tribe,

Where deep communion is naturally.

I receive so much in the Ocean, so much love, so much energy, so many activations.

I find the ecstasy of being caressed by the Sacred Waters.

I learn what it means to be fully loved, held, unconditionally.

I feel Light Source in every drop of water.

I find my inner Freedom, diving deeper and deeper into the unknown,

Merging and melting into the mysterious deep blue

Choosing to go beyond any fear,

To rebirth freer and freer, every day

In the Ocean I learn how to Love more and better,

How to embody Love,


Today, I want to honor these Beings of Light,

I have been spending so much time with them

And they have welcomed me, as one of them, with so much tenderness.

Swimming together, looking into each other eyes,

Presenting their hearts to me,

Blessing me with so much love.

With them, I learn that I can go slowly, it’s ok to be fully as I am,

With my uniqueness, my needs and desires, my dreams, my purpose.

With them I learn “patience” as Grandpa Turtle told me a few days ago.

With them I learn I can deeply respect and honor my inner rhythm,

Be in my flow, open, soften,

From this sweet slowness all wisdom is heard effortlessly.

With them I learn to listen deeply,

I learn to speak without words,

To feel more, immensely,

With them I find my beloved silence,

I find deep rest from this noisy world.

I find pure joy.

With them I discover that I can be sensitive as I am and it is ok…

Because I found my safe container.

With them I learn what it means to truly surrender,

To Truly Trust.

I love to call them the Keepers of Inner Peace.

Through this blue journey of remembrance, they have been sharing with me deep activations on how to keep my inner peace in any situation.

When fears or doubts arise,

When I could get lost in a whirlwind of emotions,

Master Turtle always shows up with the same message:

“Breathe with me, slow down,

Come back to your center,

Come back to your heart”

Always bringing me back to balance,

Always bringing me back to inner peace.

Guardians of time,

Showing us the way,

To slowly, softly and eternally,

Navigate this human experience,

Anchored in the Sacredness of our Inner Peace.

With all my Love, Haumea 🐢🐳💎💙

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